Paint Spraying

Floor Painting

In the harsh environment of workshops, factories and industrial areas a tough, durable finish is paramount. We have undertaken many of these projects using all of todays leading products which give maximum protection.. In some cases floors are painted for safety using non-slip coatings and markings and in others purely to enhance the appearance. Having good working relationships with the leading manufacturers ensures to correct product is used to suit the task to give maximum performance.

Fire Retardent Coatings

Many buildings today are being upgraded to a class “o” fire rating in staircase and common areas to keep in line with new and up-coming legislation. We specialize in using all of the leading paints in this area eg Tor, Integra, Hydron etc which as well as giving the fire rating can also be used for anti-graffitti protection, providing an easy clean surface to which marker pen and spray paint will not adhere to.

Spray Applied Coatings

Painting including airless, conventional and many multicolour finishes. Spray painting is rapidly becoming the most cost effective way to cover larger areas both internally and externally. Using modern equipment spray painting is far more efficient and can produce far superior finishes as opposed to some of the traditional methods.


Whether it be industrial, residential or commercial and dependant on the kind of coating you need we will always endeavour to provide the best product and method of application to fully suit your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for advice on products and specification or free quotation.

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