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Wallpaper Hanging requires skill, patience and time. Our team can work at short notice, but the best results are achieved by not cutting corners.

We wallpaper a variety of spaces – Homes, restaurants, shops, offices, show rooms, clubs, film & photo shoots. From whole decoration schemes to a single feature wall, no job is too big or too small.

There are few decorating materials that can provide the results that wallpapering can when it comes to decorating the interior of your home/office.

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It is helpful to know the condition and size of wall(s) to be covered and brand/type/code of wallpaper, as well as your full contact details. We prefer to speak directly with the clients or their designers.

Wallpaper comes in a variety of different patterns and colours that are designed to give you a unique finish. In addition, wallpaper can also come in a range of textures that can add depth to a room that paint cannot achieve. Using this decorating medium gives your home a richness and appeal that is hard to otherwise duplicate.

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All Types of Wallpaper

Watergrove Painting and Decorating Service guarantees quality and impressive results.
Our team is trained in hanging any type of wallpapers:

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  • Textured wallpapers
  • Repeat patterned wallpapers
  • Contemporary wallpapers
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  • Woodchip wallpapers
  • Vinyl wallpapers
  • Kitchen wallpapers
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  • Velvet wallpapers
  • Silk wallpapers and other
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Quality That Lasts

Watergrove Painting and Decorating offers a fully insured service to ensure a remarkable interior lasting for a long time. The professionals strip off the old wallpapers very carefully, then only after they are absolutely sure that the surface is perfectly smooth they stuck the new wallpapers to the wall.

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Contact Us.

Call Watergrove Painting and Decorating today for advice and a free quote. We cover Heywood, Rochdale, Bury, Wilmslow plus further afield in Lancashire so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

106 Wardle Road, Rochdale,Lancashire, OL12 9ER

Phone: 07949 784 877 or 01706 715 635
Email: watergrove@btinternet.com

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